Account Setting

The account settings flow enables an end-user to configure his needs across the UI accordingly.

Step 1: Selecting a default exchange.

Although the user has 100% capability to select a different exchange across all the bots deployed by the user, Magpy still requires a default exchange to be selected so Magpy can run efficiently in case of fallbacks, user forgets to specify an exchange while creating a trigger, etc.

Step 2: Entering key details

User is prompted to connect their wallet and change to selected chain, if not done already. We also prompt the user to enter the private key, which would enable Magpy to execute transactions on behalf of the user. This step is entirely secure is there is encryption on the private key.
Moreover, in v2, we would enable Smart Contract Wallets by leveraging Account Abstraction which would eliminate the requirement of keys.
Step 3: You're good to go
We at Magpy believe in reducing the number of clicks you have to go through to reduce friction and give our users a seamless experience. So, you're all set to go now. See you on the other side, creating bots