What does Magpy solve

Magpy mainly solves three problems for project owners and traders. Let's dive deeper into those problems.

Users can buidl/run trading bots for DeFi

❌ Programming knowledge, Writing code, time consuming -> ⭕️ No-code natural language prompt bot

A D2C example
  • Alice wants to create a bot that purchases cryptocurrency using dollar-cost averaging.
  • Alice also wants to purchase across multiple chains to avoid the risk of chain halts or even bridge closures incase she uses 100% of the purchase amount on a single chain.
  • However, Alice does not have the time and also is not able to write code. With Magpy, she can build the bot using our simple UI or a natural language prompt without ever writing code in web3 native programming languages like Rust or Solidity.

❌ Cloud Architecture->⭕️ Magpy's Infrastructure

A B2B example
  • Bob is a Smart Contract Developer with over 5 years of experience. He recently accepted a bot building bounty from Davit Protocol Labs, who is the project owner, after discovering the need for an open-source bot project.
  • The bot was developed successfully and the operational bot was deployed to the operating production environment.
  • Bob is a skilled engineer and provides development services to many projects, so he is very busy, and on top of that Davit Protocol Labs needs to pay him a lot of money to customise and fine tune the bot regularly to perform complex operations.
  • With Magpy, Davit Protocol Labs can buidl, operate, modify or stop the bot with just one switch and does not need to rely on any external infrastructure engineers.

❌ Share private keys, Risk assets->⭕️ Smart Contract Wallets

  • Catherine had been running a bot on 3Commas, but became more security-conscious after her API keys were compromised.
  • She found it unacceptable to entrust her private keys to DeFi bot-building solutions again. She was looking for a way to operate a bot without exposing all of her assets associated with her wallet to risk, and that's when she discovered Magpy.
  • Magpy supports the execution of transactions from a user's Smart Contract Wallet to DeFi, allowing Catherine to execute asset management with no risk.