Possibilities of Trigger-Actions

The possibilities are endless. But here are two of them:

Spot/Leverage Trades

The freedom with which you can set Stop Losses and Take Profits using Magpy's UI is something to behold. With utmost customisability present in the amount of trade you want to close, the trigger price, the limit price as well as the slippage - it is generally tough to find in generic onchain trading platforms.
What's more is that you can set limit price by just giving us a natural language prompt instead of trying to figure out how to let a Bot know. Magpy is compliant with all sorts Orders such as OTT, FOK, IDC and Reduce only.
Multiple other possibilities are:
  • Price of an asset crosses a certain value
  • Price of an asset changes by a percentage value
  • MarketCap of an asset changes by a certain value
  • TVL of a pool changes by a certain value
  • Technical Analysis triggers like EMA Crossover or Bollinger Band Squeeze
  • RSI of an asset moves to oversold/overbought
Talk about customisation while trading, talk about Magpy.